Bezier export

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Downloadable Files

This script exports bezier shapes from blender to an svg vector file.


This script is written for blender 2.43

Running the script

There are no settings for the script. Set the Camera to your preferred angle. Select the bezier shapes you wish to export and run the script. A file selection screen will be generated where you can set, where you wish to export to and what filename it should be under.

Things to know

Remember that the export is orthagonal. This means that even though the camera angle is taken into account, there is no perspective in the exported result! Also all selected bezier shapes will be exported in their entirety. This means that the image size (camera area) is not used! One blender unit is translated to 100 points. A closed curve (circle) is exported with a solid black inside and no borders. A non closed curve is exported as a black line (1 point wide).


A bunch of bezier circles in blender

The exported result in inkscape

That’s all


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