A new Caliper is coming!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

You can download the current version here: https://code.google.com/p/macouno/

Ever since Blender 2.5 came out I have been receiving a couple of e-mails every month asking me whether I would create a new version of the Caliper python script/addon for the current Blender version. I think that Blender has stabilised enough for me to do so now!

You can help by donating a small amount at the bottom of the page!

To clarify:
I will make this addon whether the funding goals are reached or not! If the goals are reached however, it means I can dedicate more time to it. If they aren’t… it may take significantly longer for me to find enough spare time to finish the project in.

About me

I have been writing python scripts for Blender 3D now for the last 8 years. Recently I also worked on Sintel, a short movie by the Blender institute, and helped rewrite the Graphicall.org website. Basically I’ve been around the Blender Community for over a decade helping out where I can. One of the most downloaded python scripts I’ve written is the Caliper, which was released back in 2006. It was initially done as a small commercial job  for Render Reality LLC.


What is the Caliper?

The Blender Caliper script is a tool that lets you measure distances inside Blender 3D in real world values. Not only that but it also creates clean renderable objects to show the measurements. This way architects & designers for instance can show renders of their products and designs to customers including measurements that are meaningful, and that everyone can understand.

The proposal!

I will start by creating a completely fresh script for the Caliper as a proper Blender 3D addon (or module). This addon will incorporate the basic Caliper functionality of creating an object which displays the distance between 2 points in Blender’s 3d space and can be rendered. Then this functionality can be expanded with more detailed measurements and live updating. Finally I propose to maintain the system for future Blender versions.

The imperial and the metric system will both be supported.

All the code will be released under a GPL license, and published on-line during the project.


Funding takes place via Paypal. Please see the section below for additional information. People who have donated to the project will be mentioned below here.




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Darren Waschow
Bruno Bieri
Michele (Mike) Hjorleifsson
Andrew Buttery


Olaf Beckman Lapre
Ralf Grenz


Thibaud Sertier, Jean Montambeault, Viktor Bartush, Lasse Kjønnås, Jan Grajczyk, Philippe Casteleyn, Tony Cancelliere, Gordon Macleod, Jarl Frode Arntzen, Gertjan Van den Broek, Marten Bergkvist, Graham Knott, Carlos Rubio, Toby Wilson, Nico Partipilo, Martin von Berg, Josef Reitsberger, Grant Edelsten, Paul Kotelevets, Andreas Leimbacher, Jean Montambeault, Jarl Frode Arntzen, Teemu Korhonen

Current Funding Status!


(This bar is updated manually, and may not reflect the current situation)



Stage Description Cost Status
1 Creation of basic Caliper objects to display distances between objects € 1000,-
2 Additional measurement from points inside meshes and curve objects € 500,-
3 Live update of measurements € 1000,-
4 Support for future Blender versions € 1000,-
per year
(3 years max)



All feedback and suggestions are welcome. A thread at the Blenderartists.org forum has been started for this purpose. Please do not send e-mail messages to me personally with your suggestions. It is much easier to keep track of things using the forum.

Fund it!

If you like this project, please donate to it. Enough donations will ensure that the project will be finished within half a year. Without these donation the project can take longer.

You can donate a small amount, but please keep it above €10 due to the overhead of paypal.

Level Amount Reward
Iron € 10,- and up Will be mentioned on this page
Let me know if you don’t want to be named
Bronze € 50,- and up Will be mentioned along with a website-url
Silver € 100,- and up Will be allowed to also add a logo
Gold € 250,- and up All of the above, and have a Caliper style named after yourself in the actual addon (like a filter in instagram)

It is also possible to donate anonymously. If you don’t want to be mentioned on this page please send me an after you make your donation.


First development will start when the amount of €1000,- is met. All development can be watched from a public svn repository and status reports that will be updated regularly. Please contact me if you have additional questions.

The first stage of crowdfunding will end on the first of June 2012. We hope to get enough funds, to start development.

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